Thursday, February 4, 2010

February Transfiguration/DADA Ideas

This month we delve into our fears in this combined class.  Our Professors have caught a Boggart and it is our job to study our fears and to overcome them.

From the class description:
For Transfiguration: Make something scary. Either use a technique which intimidates you, or make something that represents the thing you fear.
For DADA: Make your scary thing unscary. Find a way to make your technique easy or your fears funny. Scared of lace? Try doing it with worsted weight on big needles. Scared of rodents? Mickey’s a mouse, but he’s not scary at all.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO BOTH CLASSES. The usual base points/bonus points will be available for completing one class or the other. Just mention which class it’s for when you turn it in.

That being said, if you choose to:
For Both: YOU MUST MAKE SEPARATE ITEMS FOR THESE TWO CLASSES. Our “One Project, One Class” rule is still in effect, since these are still separate classes, so don’t try to make a single thing and turn it in for both. If it’s something that comes in pairs, you have to make a whole pair for each class. You CANNOT do one sock for Transfig and one sock for DADA, and call that done.
Note: You CAN make TWO of something that’s not a pair, eg two dishcloths, amigurumis, etc. as long as each meets the requirements for the class you’re making it for. That being said, we will be giving a small bonus for completing both classes, provided your projects are related in some way. You can’t do lace for Transfig and mice for DADA, but if you connect them, we’ll reward that. (As well as the usual house colors/laughing bonuses)

These classes might be the trickiest for people to decide on because it is so subjective to your personal fears and how you deal with them.

For example - I am terrified of thunderstorms and will hide under blankets as soon as I see the first bolt of lightning, but I love rainstorms.  So for Transfiguration I'm making socks with a lightning bolt lace pattern on the leg of the sock (Horcrux socks, worsted weight version), and for DADA I'm making a shawl that represents rain drops.

Here are some common fears to maybe start you on the right path - water, heights, spiders, flying, confined spaces, vomiting, death, and cancer are all among the Top 10 Phobias.

If you need help with these two classes, leave a comment, send me a PM, or post in the common room for individual help.

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