Thursday, February 4, 2010

February Astronomy Ideas

This month we are studying concept of Antichthon, the opposite Earth.  This concept can be manifested into different forms.

From the class description we have a couple of different guidelines to follow that can help us come up with the perfect project.

  • Create an item that in someway embodies Antichthon. Ideas include protective clothing that would be needed on this planet (is it hot, cold, temperate, all water, gassy, volcanic?)
  • An item that uses colors of the planet (oceans, ponds, deserts, forests, plains, flowers
  • A representation of an item used on this planet. 
We are encouraged to include a picture of what this other world looks like or a detailed description along with the picture of our finished object to receive full points and how your project fits into your world.  The longer post, the better (within reason of course - I don't think she wants 20 page novels).

Here are some questions and ideas to help jump start ideas.
What does your opposite world look like?
  • Is it similar to Earth?
  • Completely different?
  • Is it based on video games (Mario, Final Fantasy, Animal Crossing, etc) or TV shows or movies (Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, Lord of the Rings, etc)?
Once you have an idea of what your world looks like you can allow your creative juices flow.

I am happy to answer any and all questions!

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  1. This is really useful. I had no idea what to do for Astronomy, now, my mind has all sorts of ideas. Thanks, Meg!