Monday, December 28, 2009

Quidditch Info

This comes from Quidditch Captain MINDYSUE.
This information is also listed in the Fall 2009 Common Room under post number 13089

Alright Gryffs, I’m starting to feel better and my energy is up.

Regarding Quidditch next term. Coach Gazebogal has said to go ahead and pick a name for our Ravelry team and must have the following information:

"Your Team name must include the word Cup, the word Quidditch, and the name of our House."

Please let me know of any idea. (please earburn me as with the number of post I don’t want to miss any or PM me). Once I have several options, I will put it up for a vote.

From the hints being dropped it looks like January Quidditch is going to be about organizing so get your stash and such together and then we can organize as a group.

February Quidditch will involve the ‘Ravelympics’. I do not know any details yet but have been told to plan ahead. One thing I thought of is if you wanted to do WIP as part of your Ravelympic project they must be started before 01/12/10. I have read in the Ravelympic Forum to have your WIP on your project page before that date so if you have a WIP please post to your project page ASAP.

I will keep you informed as I find out more information. In the meantime think whether or not you want to be in the “Big Seven”. These seven Gryffindors will be in Quidditch all 3 monthes, all others can pick and choose what they want to accomplish. If you are interested in the Big Seven, I will be asking for volunteers starting January 1st and must post who they are by January 9th. First year Gryffindors are encouraged to sign up.

I realize that many Third year and higher Gryffs will want to do 2 OWLs so it would be ideal for some first and second year Gryffs to help with Quidditch.


  1. Mindysue is captain, not coach, sweetie.

    And let me link this to the header so people will see it.