Saturday, September 6, 2014

Saturday's Spotlight Shining on Muggle Studies

 Hey there, welcome to the first spotlight session of our Fall 2014 Term. This term we will taking time out each Saturday to shine the spotlight on a specific class going on. Give you a chance to see what kind of things are being turned in and maybe give you some ideas of your own.

Now before we turn on our spotlight I was to be sure that you understand that these are just a small piece of the amazing talent going on in Muggle Studies this month. I recommend you go take a look at the thread and be inspired.

All of the Houses and Lounges have come out to show that they do know how a bit about this months topic, the Internet.. or as some people call it, "The series of tubes filled with cats". They have shown off their cats, their things to please cats, and just some amazingly pretty items.

Gryffindor House


With this dazzling yarn


With this adorable square

Hufflepuff House


With this great bag


With this cute little whale toy

Slytherin House


With this great hat


With this adorable cat

Ravenclaw House


With this cute crochet kitty


With this sweet green eyes kitty

NQFY Lounge


With these cute chat bubbles


With this adorable zipper pouch

As you can see there are some great things going one in Muggle Studies. Before we shut down the spot light tonight I want to remind you that if you are having any trouble getting ideas for a class, or finding a class to fit in something you have made since term started the Knight Bus is available for help.

Also Round 1 of Quidditch is under way, and a lot of fun is going on, as we request approval for our Quidditch teams to rejoin after that nasty Education Decree from the Pink Menace. Come and score and ROAR for Gryffindor.

Till next weeks Saturday Spotlight......


  1. Thank you so much for the feature, now to get the square in the mail to a lucky Gryffie baby!

  2. Aw, I'm honored! Thanks for featuring my hat!

  3. Thank you so much for the mention!