Saturday, July 19, 2014

Featured HPKCHC Podcast - The Knit Girllls

We have a great podcast to tell you about this week!  It's called The Knit Girllls and you can find it on iTunes, their blog, blip and YouTube.  It's hosted by our fellow HPKCHC member, Laura (aka LaLa), and Leslie (aka udontcallmeles).

The show is a lot of fun and both Laura and Leslie provide their viewers with all sorts of useful advice and information.  It's a great podcast to watch while crafting since they are very good at keeping their audience entertained and you may be inspired by them to try a new technique or pattern.

We asked Laura if she was willing to do an interview with us for the blog and, luckily for us, she agreed!  Here are the questions we asked her and her responses ...

When did you start this podcast and what motivated you to start it? 

We started the podcast back in April of 2010. At that point the knitting video podcast world had one other video podcast (Round the Twist) and we thought we could offer a different perspective.

What types of topics do you discuss in your podcast? Do you have a format you usually follow or just go with the flow? 

We have segments, but they tend to flow into one another versus being very structured. In our podcast you can find what knitting we are working on, what we have finished, what we are spinning, a viewer q and a segment, a book review, what we are reading, and our favorite things. We also tend to do a weekly giveaway.

What type(s) of crafting do you normally do and how long have you been doing them? What are your favorite colors and fibers to work with?

I’ve been knitting since I was 8 and spinning on a wheel for around 6 years. I love working with natural fibers and exploring new breed specific yarn. Purple is by far my favorite color while Leslie’s is red.

Which HPKCHC house are you in and what year are you? Have you ever been part of one of the other houses? If so, when and for how long? 

I always forget what year I am, so terrible. I think this is at least my 7th term. All terms prior to this one were with Gryffindor and now I’m with Slytherin.

Are you working on an OWL, NEWT or a mission this term? How’s it going? 

I’m currently working on a potions OWL and processing a 3 pound Cormo fleece. It’s going well, and I hope to make my 50% mark by the end of this week. [Note: this was a few weeks ago] I’ve never been able to hit the 50% mark on any of the other OWLs I attempted and failed.

Which of the projects that you’ve turned in for something HPKCHC-related was your favorite to work on and why? 

I always love Quiddy. It allows me to pick out some smaller projects that I may not have thought to make. The world cup prompts this term have been really fun and motivational!

What’s your favorite part about being in HPKCHC? 

I find HPKCHC a very inspiring place to be. It allows me to see patterns I may have glazed over in a new light. Members of the group (no matter what house) are always so helpful and kind.

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