Thursday, July 10, 2014

Head Girls Interview Series Part 3- Hufflepuff

Hi, and welcome to the third in our series of Head Girl interviews. Every Thursday for the last three weeks we we have sat down with one of the Head Girls in the Cup. One of the most wonderful things about the Cup is that we get to have fun and get to know others that are as crazy about crafting and Harry Potter as we are. We hope that these interviews provide you with a way to get to know other players and hopefully enhance the connections and friendships we all share.

This week we are sitting down with Hufflepuff Head Girl, Chellbelle. So grab a cup of tea and your latest project and get cozy while we talk to her about how she found the Cup, what she jobs she has held, what it feels like to be second in command, her favorite past projects and more.


KMNash: How did you find the Cup? 

Chellbelle: MY LYS friends were playing and I’m a huge HP fan and it sounded like a lot of fun.

KMNash: How long have you been playing the Cup? 

Chellbelle: Since Fall 2011.

KMNash: What year were you when you joined staff, what jobs have you held? 

Chellbelle: I joined staff in a small role before my third year. I have held several jobs including a HuffleCleaner thread, HECKmistress (helping fit projects to classes), Academic Prefect (in charge of all Advanced Studies), and currently Head Girl.

KMNash: What is a Head Girl, what are some of your jobs and things that are expected of you? 

Chellbelle: Head Girl is the second in command. I am generally the right hand to the Head of House as well as overseeing Quidditch, Puffopoly, and our Badge Badgers. I also keep a check on our students to see that they are meeting their minimum requirements for sorting priority.

KMNash: What are some of the unexpected trials and joys of your current position? (things that are harder to deal with then you thought, and things that are even more fun then you thought) 

Chellbelle: I’m not sure that I had any particular expectations for the role so nothing jumps out as out of the ordinary. It just feels like a continuation of helping out my fellow staff and students in Hufflepuff. The behind the scenes in the House Cup staff room gives me greater insight to many things regarding how things operate which I think gives me an ever greater understanding when advising our staff and fellow students.

KMNash: You are kinda next in line for the “throne” as it were, do you think that you would take on Head of House if asked or do you think you would prefer to stay Second in Command? 

Chellbelle: There is generally a succession plan in Hufflepuff and as such when the Head of House steps down I will step into that role.

KMNash: What would you say is the greatest change to your crafting since joining the cup, what have you improved on the most, be it style or a specific craft or time management etc?

Chellbelle: I definitely have a better sense of how long something will take me complete. I’m also more likely to finish things although I didn’t have a huge WIP list when I started in the Cup. I’m always game for trying something new or that I haven’t tried so that hasn’t changed too much since joining the Cup. I do feel that I get exposed to a lot more variety so that means that I want to try more things than I may have without the Cup environment.

KMNash: How active are you with OWLS and NEWTS and other Advanced Studies options? 

Chellbelle: I am active personally and in our threads helping other students. I have worked on some form of Advanced Studies in each of my terms and generally attempt to do a Mission along with an OWL/NEWT.

KMNash: Do you have an OWL or NEWT that was especially hard for you to complete? 

Chellbelle: Most of my OWLs and NEWTs that were completed were challenging but not to the point of killing myself. I have had two unsuccessful OWLs of which one was stopped due to a pattern not working out after the old change deadline and one where RL just made it impossible to work on. That OWL is planned as part of a detention OWL in the upcoming Winter term.

KMNash: Of all your turn ins to the cup, this term and past, what are some of the ones you are most proud of and what were they turned in for? (providing links to project page or picture would be wonderful) 

Chellbelle: I’m proud of how well the Digger Jacket came out for my son who wore it for two seasons. I’m also pretty proud of my spindle spinning OWL as well.

KMNash: When you tell others about the cup what are some of your funnest memories to talk about? 

Chellbelle: Nothing comes to me off the top of my head but that’s probably because there have been many.

KMNash: Do you have any pointers or comments you would like to say to everyone about anything? 

Chellbelle: Have fun and challenge yourself.


And here is where we will end till next weeks interview. Remember if you need help getting an idea for a class or working something you made into a class the Knight Bus is ready to help. Also if you are one of the Proud 65, remember you have till the 27th to get out on the Quidditch pitch and score for Gryffindor.


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