Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Featured Class: Charms

Hi there, today we are slipping into Charms, seeing who has a good handle on the Riddikulous charm. Finding things that make you laugh can be hard sometimes... and then sometimes not so hard at all. Hehe.
Just wait till you see a few of the ways people tickle their funny bones.


PurpleSnowDrop made a flower sweater for a turtle. Very cute, and giggle inducing.

PuffyGriffinClaw made a "Yoda" hat. Funny it is, I think.


boogiemonster made an adorable puffy version of a DALEK, t see a creature so dangerous and scary reduced to a squishy, huggable puff just brings on giggle fits.

Crochetnw brought a purple sheep to that is a funny thought, wool we don't have to dye.


nightrae made a mustache that tickles the lip and the funny bone.

Omeletsmom brough back memories of the Three Stooges for me with this banana peel


loneilteaches made this cute, and giggle worthy Frog Prince.

seakame knitted chickens to "sit" on eggs. Chicken shaped egg cozy, cute and funny.

These are just a few of the amazing turn ins in Charms class this month. I recommend you stop by the class, you might get some ideas and you never know when a good laugh might save the day.

There is only a couple days left in this month, make sure you get that one class requirement in for your sorting. Remember if you need help getting an idea for a class or working something you made into a class the Knight Bus is ready to help. Don't forget partials count, and if life has just stomped all over your crafting this month, talk to AmyPC and let her know, she might be able to give you a excuse note.

Only a couple more days left if you have not got your class in yet. Also if you are one of the Proud 74, remember you have till the 29th to get out on the Quidditch pitch and score for Gryffindor.


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  1. I love those class or themed roundups.
    Thanks for putting them together!