Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Weekly Pride Summary

A fairly quiet week in the Prides, but some good activity anyway.

The Fizzing Whizbees had some creative cloud turn-ins for divination, discussions on blanket modules for classes, and a very relaxing detention project.

The Canary Creams nearly had 100% participation in May, with 24 of 25 people turning in classes.  A darling Yoda hat was made for a baby shower, turtle outfits were displayed, and lots of good advice was given on how to do m1 without holes.

The Animal Crackers did a bunch of sewing for a class, while another demonstrated some lovely weaving.  One earned a record amount of bonus points, while another turned in her awesome 75% NEWT.   There was also fantastic news posted.

The Acid Pops got an ice cream machine for their 100% pride participation and hosted visitors from another pride, despite the risk of more fire.  They also posted some lovely items for a marauder mission.

The Exploding Bonbons contemplated the joys of teens, discussed loom knitting, and provided a link to a very entertaining song.

The Sugar Quills showed off some fun hair dying and showed that Sandra Bullock just might be a Gryffindor.  A lovely bright sock was posted, and 75% NEWT worth of hats were finished.

The Pepper Imps offered a lovely bag as a prize, posted enticing views of Colorado, and got an adorable pup to model a hat.


  1. These summaries are great! Thanks so much for keeping up this blog!