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Featured HPKCHC Blog - Fiber Fangirls

We have another great HPKCHC blog that we'd like to share with you this week!  It's called Fiber Fangirls and you can find it at  It's written by Jess, aka SameOldKnit, and Jen, aka jpester.

They usually post a few times a week and even have fun theme days like WIP Wednesday and FO Friday.  They were both happy to answer some questions for us and here are their answers...

When did you start this blog and what motivated you to start it? 

Jess: The idea for the blog started over a year ago. Originally we were going to start a podcast, but I’m camera shy and there are so many podcasts out there, we thought we would try blogging. We finally jumped into it in March of this year.

Jen: Jess and I had been talking about podcasting, but never really started it up. We thought that we could blog first and maybe add a podcast later. We love talking about all things fiber, and the House Cup is also a common topic of conversation. We thought a fun fiber related blog would be a great way to share our ideas with others. I also like that I can use the blog as a way to share my crafting with family and friends across the country.

What types of topics do you usually blog about? What types of HPKCHC related things do you blog about (if any)? 

Jess: We mostly talk about what projects we are working on. Sometimes we have enabling posts to try to promote indie businesses. When we talk about the House Cup, it’s mostly about our OWLs and class assignments.

Jen: We blog about knitting, spinning, dyeing, stitching, sewing and glass fusing. We talk about the progress on our OWLs, Missions, and projects for classes. We also share if we are doing anything special for our fellow Hufflepuffs (making items for the Hufflepuff Baby Gift Brigade, charity items that Puffs are collecting, etc.)

What type(s) of crafting do you normally do and how long have you been doing them? 

Jess: My main craft is knitting. I’ve been knitting for almost 10 years. I am starting to get more into spinning on my spindle. I learned how to spin a couple of years ago but didn’t spin for more than a few minutes until last summer. I dabble in cross-stitch and would love to start sewing/quilting.

Jen: I have been knitting since about 2010. My mother-in-law taught me the basics, but I really branched out on my projects when I moved to Pennsylvania. I started spinning in May of 2013 when I got my spindle, and bought my wheel in August of 2013. I share my glass fusing as well, which I have been doing since about 2002.

Are there any new techniques or fibers that you’ve worked with recently that you found either enjoyable and/or challenging, and why? 

Jess: I recently spun some BFL which I have never spun before (or knit with) and loved it. I need more BFL in my life.

Jen: I am just learning stranded colorwork. It is a challenge for me, but I love how it turns out. I am excited that there are more patterns that I can try, now that I am willing to try stranded work.

Which HPKCHC house(s) are you in and what year are you? How long have you been in that house? Have you ever been part of one of the other houses? If so, when and for how long? 

Jess: This is my 7th term and I am playing in Hufflepuff. Before that I was in Gryffindor for 2 terms, Hufflepuff for 1 term and Slytherin for 3 terms.

Jen: Hufflepuff, year 3. I have never been in any other house. I am also on Hufflepuff staff in the Room of Requirement.

Are you working on an OWL, NEWT or a Mission this term? How is it going so far? 

Jess: I am working on my Transfiguration OWL and a Mission this term. For my OWL, I am knitting the Adrift Cardigan out of Malabrigo Lace, doing 3/4 length sleeves. For my mission, I am knitting 70 squares for my Sock Yarn Blanket. It’s all basic knitting, but so mind numbing.

Jen: I am working on a Dr. Who scarf for my DADA OWL this term. I just hit the 50% today! I am making a pair of stranded colorwork mitts as a Mission. I am almost finished with the first mitt.

Do you have a favorite project you’ve turned in for something HPKCHC related and why was it your favorite? 

Jess: My all time favorite turn-in for the House Cup would be my Dark Mark Bag that I turned in for Potions in May 2011. It was my first attempt at intarsia and a sewn in lining.

Jen: My favorite turn in would be my Ginny Cardigan that I made for my Muggle Studies OWL for Fall of 2012. It is the first cardigan that I have ever made. I have only made sweaters that do not have closures on them, so I was really nervous about the fit.

What’s your favorite part about being in HPKCHC? 

Jess: Along with the amazing community of crafters and the wonderful friends I have made in all of the houses, I love being able to challenge myself. Each month I am impressed by how much I have accomplished and admire the work of all of the other players.

Jen: I love that the House Cup feels like a big online family. I have people that I look forward to talking to, and I love how supportive everyone is to each other. When I need help in real life or in my crafting I know that I will find so much love and support in my Hufflepuffs. I find that I am more productive during the term months. I am more organized in my crafting. I have already finished several Christmas gifts. I find myself spinning more, and trying new techniques. I have tried new skills that I had been avoiding because they fit a prompt so well.

One really neat fact about Jen and Jess ... they're both working on sock blankets!  Look at how beautiful these are!  

Jess's blanket:

Jen's blanket:

For more pretty pictures like these and lots of great posts about crafting, check out their blog!

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