Thursday, June 12, 2014

Roving Reporting: Traveling Socks

Hi there. Today we are going to do some Roving around the castle and check out all the classes and the Quidditch pitch. Today we are Roving for socks..bright socks, dark socks, long socks, short socks, red socks, blue socks...okay I am starting to sound like a Dr Seuss story, perhaps I should move on to showing you all what I found while roving around. There are socks from all over, every house seems to enjoy socks.

From Hufflepuff we have

First Socks: by LarcYarn

Red Socks: by ScarletFever

Gryffindor delivered with

Green Socks by: Craft-Crusader

Striped Socks by: Rinabina

Ravenclaw wasn't left out

Cables Socks by: PickleMommy

Purple Socks by: Risasukka

Slytherin didn't slouch on socks 

Two Color Socks by: Kazen

Stormy Socks by: TrishBadish

A few NQFYs like socks too

Pink Purple Socks by: ktjane82

Nordic Sock by:  rebuky

Just amazing socks all over the castle this month. I am thinking again about trying out my first socks. Such inspiration and beauty. I recommend you do some roving of your own, it is well worth the time.. though it might make your queue grow.

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