Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Weekly Pride Roundup

Time for the weekly Pride round-up!

The Fizzing Whizbees and the Acid Pops both made 100% class participation for May!  Congratulations!  Now, lets make that all the prides for June!

The Fizzing Whizbees explained and demonstrated tags.  They were busy relaxicrafting with, among other things, a knitted hug, some relaxing mitts, and a lovely hat.

The Animal Crackers continued their fun questions and started a new round, turned in two lovely shawls, posted a link on joining yarn, handed in their 75% on a NEWT and celebrated Scotland.

The Sugar Quills shared a college celebrity turn, did a belated introduction, turned in items despite being bedbound, and made plans for a HP studio tour.

The Acid Pops reported some impressive yardage for May, turned in a beautiful detention shawl, turned in despite an astonishingly busy time, and submitted a colorful detention.

The Exploding Bonbons truly lived up to the pride name with some photos, helped find photos of Scotland, got addicted to doing a square, and shared some Silkie Bantams.

The Pepper Imps turned in some cute sea creatures, spun some lovely yarn, discovered the month wasn't quite over after finishing some great socks and made some great plans for June.   There was also a link to an adorable puppy video.

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