Sunday, June 8, 2014

Weekly Common Room roundup

This has been a relatively quiet week in the common room.

Advice was given on a chemo cap.  The views from St. Paul's in London were lauded and good places to visit in Scotland were named.  Recommendations were also made for yarn shops (and yarns) in Scotland.   Two prides (the Fizzing Whizbees and the Acid Pops) made 100% participation in May.

Mio set a new record by posting a class on the 2nd of the month.  All the Gryffindors sitting their NEWTs made it to 50%!  Congratulations to all of them.  The final OWLs were proposed

A recommendation was made for a book on tape, with a great readerDarling puppy photos were published.  A beautiful blanket was submitted for detention. An author kindly posed with knitting.  Some Harry Potter charts provided general amusement, along with a cute cartoon.

Advice was given on baby sweater safety.  A turtle got a cute shark costume. Lions were just lying around.

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