Sunday, June 1, 2014

Common Room summary

Well, since I've been rambling around Ireland and Scotland, the Common Room update is a little behind, but I'm back and here we go.

A glorious diaper cake was constructed.  One person showed a good way to get rid of spills on acrylic (if one forgets the first rule about not having drinks around your yarn).  There was some competitiveness on who is the biggest klutz in Gryffindor.  There were some lovely flower photographs.  There was a great link to a scale model of Hogwarts.  Advise was given on baby names and broken toes.

One person reached 50% on their NEWT and another did here.  Advice was given on a drop spindle for use in a car.  A lovely octopus was knit for DADA.  Our HOH posted some highlights of the term so far.  Common Core math was demonstrated and berated.

The Headmistress Challenge was posted.  Three-at-a-time socks were finished.  There was a discussion on the care of bunnies as pets. There was a discussion on socks and heels.   Tips were given on disguising veggies - and which ones are good.  Links were given on joining squares into a blanket.  Another Gryff found an astonishing Tardis blanket, unfortunately not doable in pieces.  There was advice on which shows to watch for Richard Armitage.

Simple recipes were provided for mushy peas, roast asparagus, and brussel sprouts.   There were new puppies!  Forty-seven blanket squares were finished in a day - with lots of Gryffies cheering on.  A lovely potions shawl was submitted.  The point was made that all 4 houses are supportive - in their own way.

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