Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Featured Classroom: Flying

Hi there, I just flew in from from checking out Flying class and boy are my arms tired (ba dum bum)...okay so that joke is just never going to be awesome, but I did see some awesome things in Flying class.

This month is Flying class we are focusing on thing that helps us care things on our brooms. And there are some amazing turn ins. Makes me want to pack up on my broom and travel just to try out a few of the "luggage" ideas.

Gryffindor has some awesome travel accessories.

KatnissWytch made this cute bag that looks just perfect for carrying quills and candies to school:

PennyIA showed us how multi-use a hat can really by with this pretty little hat used as a bag:

Hufflepuff has shown off some great bags as well

anthrogirl17 has made a pretty black bag that would be great for a ride to school or a ride out to dinner:

JMN has made a gorgeous green clutch with wooden handles that is bright and pretty:

Ravenclaw has been getting ready for broom travels too.

kikkitul has made this fun zippered wrist bag, perfect for a broom handle:

knotnknit made a bag just perfect for the end of her broom, just imagine the things she could carry:

Slytherin has been showing up some first class luggage also:

KristyRecycle has made this pretty rainbow bag that would be just lovely anywhere:

TheEvilPretty1 has made this bright blue and yellow bag, ready for a bright summer beach day perhaps:

NQFY have been showing off their travel accessories as well:

Potoupy has made a beautiful bag that fits just right on her broom, ready to head out on a trip:

peka568 has made with bright and fun bag that looks at though it can expand to fit just about anything:

The Students on Sabbatical (SoS) know quite well just how important a good piece of luggage is as they show off here :

lea67000 has made a set of baby booties which also serve as really ingenious containers for small items on the broom

Captndenim has sewn a wonderful zipper pouch with a handle that is just right for hands and broom handles:

These are just a few of the amazing turn ins in Flying class this month. I recommend you stop buy the class, even if you don't plan any traveling, as the ideas and beautiful work are definitely not to be missed. 

There is only a couple days left in this month, make sure you get that one class requirement in for your sorting. Remember partials count, and if life has just stomped all over your crafting this month, talk to AmyPC and let her know, she might be able to give you a excuse note.

Remember Round 3 of Quidditch starts today, so if you are eligible to play swing by the pitch and get a plan on your play for Round 3. ROAR Gryffindor.

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