Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Weekly Pride Summary

Hello and welcome to another pride recap for the fourth week of term!

In the Acid Pops, homework was turned in as well as quidditch, there was commiseration about stash, and to top it all off there was some sweet nursery decorating.

In the Animal Crackers, there were big plans, fun questions were answered, a very impressive WIP the 1st was prepared, and there were quidditch projects galore.

In the Canary Creams, there was a good explanation of tagging, a NEWT 50% celebration, there was lots of progress shared, and a pretty purple dishcloth made an appearance.

In the Exploding Bonbons, some pretty yarn was submitted to class, a quick real life update, and a little doughnut consumption.

In the Fizzing Whizbees, there was a sweet drop in, and another one (with some ice cream!), a Lacy Baktus made an appearance, and there is a poll about a doily.

In the Pepper Imps, there was a quick check in, a motivational prize post, a cute octopus stuffy, and several more class turn ins.

In the Sugar Quills, there was a gorgeous shawl, a neat felted pot, two pairs of socks, and some gorgeous handspun.

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