Saturday, May 3, 2014

Featured Classroom: Detention

Seeing as Gryffindors are known for piling into detention on the first day of the month (There is a badge for that) I thought today we would take a look at the projects that came into detention as we start a new term. And it looks like Gryffindor isn't the only house hitting those Detention Points soon as the bell rings.

Hufflepuff is really showing their stuff in Detention in the first few days of term.

From this adorable badger hexipuff by Katniss.

To this amazing and bright shawl by stickarhen

Gryffindor as always hit Detention hard, must be the Marauder in the Lion House, we just know Detention.

From things like this ROARing Gryffindor scarf from MrsDanvers

To these warm and toasty, yet always cool mits from Stephieroo

Ravenclaw has been getting in some quality time in Detention too

With things like this spa cloth, that makes me want a bubble bath from JessiaSott

To these adorable Dobby socks by dreamofcolors

Slytherin is no stranger to Detention either and has some great turn ins

These sock by knitmainea look like they are fun and comfy

This cheerful blanket by m8land just brings out so many smiles

Oh and our NQFYs are jumping right in, not the least bit afraid of Filch

This owl hat by CrazyKeira is so cute I just cant help the squeel.

SpecialKknits made this beautiful blanket for a photo shoot and I believe that it is going to shine.

So here we are just a few days into the term, and the talent coming out of the gate is amazing. I spent so long looking at all the turn ins and checking out project pages that this post is actually late, so I can tell you without a doubt to grab a cup of tea or coffee if you choose and go take a look at the items that got finished up in Detention. It will be an amazing way to spend a weekend morning.

So till next time, hope you enjoy these picks of turn ins and come back next week for a look at another Featured Classroom.


  1. 79 Gryffindors WIP'd the 1st, including 21 first years!!!!! Well done all.

  2. 79 Gryffs?!? That is awesome!!! :D

  3. Wooow. Mighty impressive. And some GREAT looking projects!!!! :) Proud lion who also WIPed the first!