Friday, May 9, 2014

Featured Classroom: Potions

Welcome back to Friday's Featured Classroom. This week we are going to take a look at Potions. As always we see amazing work from all over the castle, picking out the few to showcase is such a hard job. Remember that these are just the tip of the iceberg and I recommend you stopping by Potions class to see all the turn ins.

Hufflepuff made quite a "stir" in Potion.

I cant decide if this square by Solfjader is cables or lace, but I LOVE it.

This yarn by stylva is so pretty, it is going to be stunning in whatever it is destine to be.

Gryffindor really showed off a talent with cauldrons as well.

This beautiful yarn by Eviltwinn2 just sings. I cant wait to see what it is destine to become.

Speaking of beautiful just look at this beaded shawl from KatnissWytch. It is just breathtaking.

Ravenclaw could not escape the lure of the cauldron, and the talent shows.

This square by Cyprienne is stunning both in color and in the pattern.

 It looks like Hexipox is still strong in the house of the Eagle. TheBoyWhoKnits showed off these little cuties

One of the great Potion Masters was a Slytherin, Severus Snape. And in the years since his time teaching their talent has not diminished.

This braided cowl by Andrea is beautiful and intriguing in the way it swirls and twists.

This happy flower on a bright square by SwitchCleo just makes me smile.

The NQFYs have also been down to the Potions Lab, and they are showing off some great talent.

These magical fairy wings by DAnn89 are beautiful, cute and have the delicate look that fairy wings are known for.

I am in a trance looking at this swirling square by pcarole07, this is a pattern I must learn.

Ending our first full week of term the beautiful work from all over the castle is just amazing. Don't forget to go check it out, never know it might give you an idea for your own homework. Grab a cup of tea and drop over to potions and take a look at all the turn ins, it will be worth the time.

So till next time, hope you enjoy these picks of turn ins and come back next week for a look at another Featured Classroom.

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