Monday, May 26, 2014

Study Hall: Entrelac

The Entrelac study hall has received a lot of attention this month, and for good reason. This intriguing technique creates a knit or crochet fabric with stitches going in multiple directions. It seems that the two most popular class projects were bags and washcloths. There are plenty of each from Gryffindor this month to brighten up the thread and classrooms around the castle. Interestingly, it seems like red is a very popular color in the thread.

A cute beaded phone case by azancolli:

A Gryffindor colored DVD cozy by graceness:

A quick change purse by otherfireangel:

A fantastic crocheted washcloth by kmnash:

A pretty knit washcloth by LumosKP:

A 3 colored washcloth by princesscutie:

And a rainbow dishcloth made by watrpriestess (me!):

At least one person is using entrelac as part of their advanced studies, LumosKP is knitting an entrelac blanket shawl for her NEWT. No pictures yet, but I'm sure if you keep an eye on the thread there will be plenty soon enough. I got the inside scoop (er, which is in the Common room) and have a preview of her progress, behold an entrelac and lace shawl:

If you're intrigued by entrelac, stop by the thread for links to tutorials, awesome patterns, and to share your progress. Good luck and don't forget to ROAR!

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