Thursday, May 15, 2014

Interview with Hufflepuff HoH Marushka

Hi, and welcome to a special interview this month. We are going to try to sit down once a month with a Head of House. As you all might know, last term Gryffindor Head of House, AmyPC was our very first interview on the Blog. I suppose it is my own shyness and lack of thought that did not think of talking with the other Head of Houses last term.

This term however we are opening things up to talk to people from all over the Cup. One of the most wonderful things about the Cup is that we get to have fun and get to know others that are as crazy about crafting and Harry Potter as we are. Every house in the Cup has great talent and wonderful friendly people, common rooms that will welcome anyone from any house or those who don't have a house yet to stop by and just jump in and have fun.We hope that these interviews provide you with a way to get to know other players and hopefully enhance the connections and friendships we all share.

This month we are sitting down with Hufflepuff Head of House Marushka. So grab a cup of tea and your latest project and get cozy while we talk to Marushka about how she found the Cup, what houses she has been in, the fun parts and the hard parts of being a Head of House, her favorite past projects and more.


KMNash: So Marushka, How did you find the Cup?
Marushka: My daughter was interested in playing (she was about 14 then) and I thought it would be fun to join together. We both were sorted to Gryffindor.

KMNash: What a fun idea, playing along as mother and daughter. How long have you been playing the Cup?
Marushka: Since Spring 2010. Somehow it seems longer than that (but in a good way).

KMNash: So this term makes 4 years, that is quite impressive. What would you say is the greatest change to your crafting since joining the cup, what have you improved on the most etc?
Marushka: I’m so intrigued and inspired by what people make that I've learned to spin, learned to dye, and learned to crochet. I've made so many more things than I ever would have done on my own.

KMNash: I completely agree with the inspiration that the Cup offers. You have been with the cup since 2010, what year were you when you joined staff?
Marushka: I was a Gryffindor Pride leader in my second term.

KMNash: Pride Leader is a fun and rewarding job that is for sure. What are some of the other positions you have held on staff?
Marushka: Since coming to Hufflepuff  I've been a cete mama (similar to your pride leader), Activities Prefect, Head Girl, and now Head of House. I've enjoyed all of it!

KMNash: From leading a pride, to leading a cete to leading a House. Quite an amazing job. What are some of the unexpected trials and joys of your current position(things that are harder to deal with then you though, and things that are even more fun then you thought)?
Marushka: We've had some sad times in The Den this term and it’s hard to know how to help. Typically though the difficult things are in resolving misunderstandings -- even with the best of intentions, people can get their feelings hurt. On the bright side, I love being in the middle of things and helping make sure everyone is having a good time.

KMNash:  You mentioned being a Pride Leader so I know you had to have worn Red and Gold once before, have you ever traveled to any other houses, if so what houses have you been in, if not have you ever thought about it?
Marushka: I was in Gryffindor for a couple of terms -- until my daughter ditched me to join a friend in Ravenclaw! Since finding Hufflepuff, I've never had any impulse to wander.

KMNash: It is amazing sometimes how that feeling of home is just perfect when you find just the place to be isn't it. Being a Head of House I am sure you are busy, but in your own points scoring how active are you with OWLS and NEWTS and other Advanced Studies options?
Marushka: I’m attempting my first NEWT this term. I have done 7 or 8 OWLs and a number of missions. Some terms I’ve had health or other reasons not to take on Advanced Studies, but found that it a lot of fun to be able to concentrate just on classes and quidditch for awhile.

KMNash: Wow, first NEWT we will have to keep an eye on that one, 7 or 8 OWLs, that is amazing. Do you have an OWL or NEWT that was especially hard for you to complete?
Marushka: After having hand surgery, I made the Sipalu bag (stranded colorwork) for a Potions OWL. I could not carry one strand in each hand like I did before the injury and it seemed a lot less fun than it should have been. I do love the bag though and felt triumphant when I finished it.

KMNash: I can understand you feeling triumphant, it is a bit like an athlete coming back after an ingury to score the winning goal. With all the thing you are active in you must have some great stories about the Cup. When you tell others about the cup what are some of your funnest memories to talk about?
Marushka: One would have to be the end-of-term feast when Hufflepuff won the House Cup for the first time -- as people realized it, our Uncommon Room exploded into laughter and happy tears.

KMNash: First time Hufflepuff Cup Win is quite an accomplishment, bet that next win was just as much fun. Great Job. On a more personal note, of all your turn ins to the cup, this term and past, what are some of the ones you are most proud of and what were they turned in for?
Marushka: My favorite OWL project is my Girasole shawl -- even though I've never worn it, I so loved every minute making it!

But that didn't give me 15 minutes of fame like my Summer Splendor lap blanket did when it was featured in the House Cup article on Ravelry’s home page. 

KMNash: Thank you so much for showing us your beautiful projects, you are very talented. Before we go do you have any pointers or comments you would like to say to everyone about anything?
Marushka: First, my advice to NQFYs is not to define the Houses here by what the books say about them. Find the people you feel comfortable with and that’s your House. Second, until you've had a staff job, you have no idea how hard people are working behind the scenes to make this game as much fun as it is -- play nice and say thank you.

KMNash: Thank you so much for your time Marushka, we will let you go now and get back to the very busy job as Head of House. I wish Marushka and all of Hufflepuff a wonderful term ( I hope not quite as wonderful as Gryffindor though as I would like us to get that cup back hehe)


And here my readers is where our story must end for now, Marushka has offered us a wonderful insight into another house, and a very tough job. I myself have dropped over to the Hufflepuff Den to say hello and I personally recommend a visit to all my readers, they are a wonderfully friendly group.

Remember,Quidditch Round 2 Starts tomorrow, OoTP Missions are a Go on Sunday, and we are halfway through the month so if you have not gotten that one class requirement in or need help with an idea drop over to the Knight Bus for help.

Hope to see you tomorrow for Fridays Featured Classroom, and I might just put on my reporting hat and head out to do some Roving Reporting as well.

Also as a last note I would like to add that if you have someone you would really like to see interviewed, drop me a line on Ravelry and we will see if we can set it up.


  1. Fantastic interview with a wonderful lady!!!!!

  2. Thank you Marushka for dropping by, nice interview! ~AmyPC