Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Common Room

The Common room is the most active forum within Gryffindor and here on the blog we will do a weekly wrap-up to try to hit the highlights of the posts there.  So if you get behind and it's too many posts to catch up, you can at least get an idea of the main threads here.  We do link to the posts, so you can go read the actual thread (or see the photos) if you want.  If there are a lot of posts on one topic, I will normally only link one here.   Now this is the first summary of the term and we already have more than 3300 posts, so this first post will unhappily skip the first few days (and 115 pages) of introductions and games and start with a summary of the past week.

The week got off to a good start with a round of hottie sharing, which fortunately did not distract one of our college students from her finals.  A sweet furry boy celebrated the one-year anniversary of his adoption.  There was a vote of appreciation for those family members who put up with our passions.  Mio demonstrated the powers of a human crochet machine.  There was a good explanation of what detention yardage counts and another on counting the yardage from Advanced studies.

Barknknit showed her beautiful knitting local and lamented the need to have to return to work.  The first 50% NEWT was turned in.  A comment was made on what you need for crochet, causing the PG lion to stir a bit.  Our Head of House found a relaxing way to start the day, as long as she's not too picky about the colors.

Some staff members came up with songs to cheer on the OWL and OOTP students. Some beautiful yarn was spun for Quidditch.  There was a demonstration of what makes the house so wonderful. There were also fun tributes to mothers and an NQFY planted a lovely seed.

Sadly, Gryffindor lost a precious member this week to cancer.  AmyPC has set up a document for condolences to be sent to her family. 


And now for some informal statistics for the week.    Today is the last day for the first round of Quidditch.  While the final scores are not yet in, as of yesterday Gryffindor was in third place behind Slytherin and Ravenclaw.  The scores were close, though, with only 14 submissions separating us from the top. 

On the house cup, however, the scores as recorded so far (and this is totally unofficial) have us slightly in the lead.  We have the most detention turn ins of any house and we're tied for class turn ins.  This is not the time to relax, though, we need all the classes we can get to bring the cup back. 

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  1. Too much fun to read and loved the links so I could catch up! Thank you.