Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Weekly Pride Roundup

It's that time of the week again, folks. We're looking at what's been happening in the Prides for the third week of term.

In the Acid Pops, OWL progress was shared. Also shared were some awesome hats. There was mention of nargles, Luna would be proud! Finally, a really cute pattern was shared.

The Animal Crackers shared their plans, and showed off a stash acquisition. The term has been flying by, but goals are in sight!

The Canary Creams have an impressive marauder mission list! There was also discussion about how swatching fits into the cup and some pretty crocheted coasters made an appearance. Also, there's an amazing diaper cake and the beginnings of a cowl.

The Exploding Bonbons got some great incentive to reach 100% of the Pride to turn in at least one class. KnitInferno has her hands full, but uses the time to teach her kids geography. Part of a CoMC team turn in was finished as well.

The Fizzing Whizbees were a little quieter, but there's a great freezer pop cover and excitement over the beginning of Missions as well as Headmistress' Challenge. Also, they are currently in the lead for number of people with a class turned in, must all be busy crafting!

The Pepper Imps had a conversation about sewn box bags which resulted in a very cute finished object. There was lots of progress by Trametes1971 and fuzziekit.

The Sugar Quills made progress on OWLs and cute flowers for Herbology, CoMC, and Charms. There was also a discussion on knitting in church.

That's it for the pride recap, but I'd like to highlight a new thread on the Seventh floor. If you want to participate, Gryffindor is hosting a chemo cap drive in memory of Nesterknitter. There are suggestions on how to fit a hat into every class in the Charity Hat Challenge thread, as well as in the Knight Bus.

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