Monday, May 5, 2014

Spring Study Halls

This term in Gryffindor there are some familiar threads and one particular exciting new thread. The Charity Hat Challenge is continuing strongly, there's the new Entrelac Study Hall, the Sock Study Hall, and the Spinning & Dyeing Study Hall.

NEWT hats by shemakeshats
The Charity Hat Challenge is a place to share the hats you've made and will be sending to charity, as well as talk about yarn and pattern choices, charity hat OWL ideas, and class suggestions. It's the 5th day of the first month of term and 15 charity hats have already been made, wow! If you'd like to make a hat for charity (and cross off a BINGO square!) but aren't sure where to send it, there are also suggested places to donate.

Entrelac washcloth by eviltwinn2
The Entrelac Study Hall is the newest of the group, and has sparked the interest of many Gryffindors already. There are tutorial links and embedded videos, as well as class suggestions and badges. There's also a great sense of community in the thread. If you like doing a KAL or CAL, you'd probably feel right at home here whether you've done entrelac before or not.

Socks made by avocadosheep
The Sock Study Hall is the place to be if you have any socks planned this term. This time, Gryffindor Professors are a feature, and there is a badge for anyone who can create a pair of socks to go with the theme. This month they're crafting for Minerva McGonagall, and the badge is pretty cool. There are also sock pattern suggestions and links in case you've never knit socks before.

Gradient dyed yarn by idoicaniam
Last but certainly not least is the Spinning and Dyeing Study Hall. There are links to resources you might need to do any spinning or dyeing, as well as links to interesting groups. There are also forthcoming badges and spin and dye alongs every month. This month they're focusing on bright spring colors in their dyeing and spinning, very appropriate to the weather! Three are class suggestions if you need help fitting your work into a class, and if none of those strike your fancy I'm sure they can help fit it in if you just ask. Plus showing off your hard work is always fun!


  1. WOO HOO for Gryffindor Study Halls!!!!! Way to ROAR, Lions! :D

  2. So many great things going on in Gryffindor this term! And so excited to be a part of it all!

  3. Study Halls rock! Thanks for the shout-out! -avocadosheep

  4. hooray for study halls! selfishly, i'm most excited about the charity hat study hall (since i run it and all ...) but i might have to pop my head into the other ones and say hello as well!

  5. Oh My Gryffindor! That's my washcloth!! Learning entrelac was so fun!

  6. I most definitely need to check out the study halls