Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Special Classroom: Care of Magical Creatures.

I have been a busy reporter this weekend as I have been working with my daughter and her Girl Scout troop at an adoption event at our local pound. As we bathed and played with the dogs getting them used to having attention and love, some of them have spent their entire lives at the pound, I realized that coaxing an injured or skittish animal to you to be able to provide the help they need is not an easy job.

For that reason we are going to focus on Care of Magic Creatures on today's Featured Classroom and look in on the projects that are coaxing, containing and curing the Peryton.

There are many teams who have completed all three tasks

Groups of students from all over the castle are working together to help this poor creature.

TheEvilPretty1 From Slytherin coaxed it out with cupcakes

PaisleySpirit from Hufflepuff safely trapped it with this scarf

And then KnitInferno from Gryffindor was able to use this leaf to heal it

There are amazing ideas for enticing it out from all over from food to soft sweet toys, they are sure to get that Peryton to come out.

TheBeadyHooker from Slytherin made a fruit that looks nice enough to entice me out of the woods too.

Caffinated412 from Hufflepuff made a yummy cupcake.

abitknottie from Gryffindor made a beautiful flower that just begs to be smelled

KnitWit685 from Ravenclaw offered the love and caring that an injured animal craves as well, with a soft snugly bunny friend to hold

PickleMommy from Ravenclaw thought a up a new way to trap the Peryton with a set of cable gloves which are not only beautiful but are spelled to send out a net to safely trap with.

There are so many amazing stories and beautiful turn ins I could stay there all day, unfortunately I have my own team waiting on a safe trap so I must leave you here to get back to my work.

If you have not yet, I highly recommend stopping by the Care of Magic Creatures classroom and taking a look at all the amazing ideas and beautiful projects. It will inspire you I am sure.

Till next time, don't forget that if you need ideas the Knight Bus is here to help. And to anyone who played in round one of Quidditch, Round two is now going so don't forget to score and ROAR for Gryffindor,

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