Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Weekly Pride Summary

The Prides are really getting into gear with all the beginning of term activity!

The Animal Crackers have started a friendly rivalry with the Sugar Quills, submitted a darling baby Welsh dragon for quidditch, organized some yarn, and got creative to keep a separate crafting room.

The Sugar Quills recommended some good summer reading for tweens, turned in a first class with a photo of a great mug, tried felting for the first time, and decided to try three-at-a-time socks.

The Exploding Bonbons turned in lots of hats, showed off cute hatchlings, got a special incentive to turn in classes and a threat if they didn't, and contemplated fine dining

The Canary Creams tackled a big afghan, planned a spectacular diaper cake, made sure they were well-prepared for the day, and formed a Mellow Yellow relaxicrafting team.

The Acid Pops turned in a hive hat complete with bees, added a flamingo to a baby's menagerie and found a dress to go with it, explained to a passing stranger that socks work, and learned that conferences can actually help knitting.

The Fizzing Whizbees spun some beautiful yarn, provided some reassurance on steeking, provided updates on lots of turn-ins, and finished a sock for an OWL.

The Pepper Imps made good progress on an OWL,  turned in some lovely socks for detention, provided a glowing example of a turn-in, overcame some last-minute hitches to turn in Quidditch, and got advice on maximizing points.

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