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Blog Interview with AmyPC Gryffindor, Head of House

 Hey everyone, today will be the first of hopefully many interviews here on the blog. Hopefully these interviews will give everyone a chance to get to know each other more, and to get a feel for what the Cup feels like from different positions, from those just coming in, to those who have been playing for a few terms, to those on Staff. These interviews will take us all over the castle, all houses and years, including NQFY Interviews and Hopefully an SoS as well. If you know anyone special you would like to see on the interview roster, drop me a PM on Ravelry and I will try to get them set up.

I figured who better for the first interview of the Gryffindor blog then our very own Head of House AmyPC, so without further ado, I give you my interview with AmyPC

 KMNash: How did you find the Cup?
AmyPC: I found the house cup quite by accident. I had joined ravelry because I was doing a Lion Brand KAL and followed the link from their website. I explored several groups including the Lost group where I participated until the show was done and the Pittsburgh Steelers group and Harry Potter Lovers. But until I stumbled into the house cup I really hadn’t felt at home on ravelry. It was April, so a break month, and I signed up for sorting after joining in on a couple break month activities, but really had no idea what I was getting myself into!

KMNash: How long have you been playing the Cup?
AmyPC: 3 years and 9 months, 12 terms, I’m a B5

KMNash: What would you say is the greatest change to your crafting since joining the cup, what have you improved on the most etc?
AmyPC: When I joined the house cup, I was a crocheter dabbling in knitting, today I am a knitter and a crocheter! I have learn to knit socks, to double knit, intarsia, stranded, and slip stitch (mosaic) color work, I’ve knit lace, and I have completed more projects than ever before and in a shorter amount of time. The encouragement I get from house cup friends is invaluable.

KMNash: What year were you when you joined staff?
AmyPC: Not sure, I think I may have been a 3rd year.

KMNash: What are some of the positions you have held on staff?
AmyPC: I have been a Detention Professor in the cup group and in Gryffindor I’ve been an OWL wrangler, pride leader, prefect, head girl, and now Head of House for 4 terms.

KMNash: What are some of the unexpected trials and joys of your current position (things that are harder to deal with then you thought, and things that are even more fun then you thought)?
AmyPC: Thankfully we have very few issues in our group, but I think I’ve grown more confident with my ability to deal with issues and personality conflicts. I have a tremendous team of people backing me up and I am thankful for them and their friendship. Since my first month as a sorted Gryffindor I have been greatly impressed with this groups’ generosity. The most emotional thing I have had to deal with was the death of one of our members in my first term as Head of House, I still think of her every time I craft for charity.

KMNash: Have you ever traveled houses, if so what houses have you been in, if not have you ever thought about it?
AmyPC: I used to think about traveling houses. I had toyed with the idea of 7 terms in each house, but when the time came I was on house staff and no longer interested in travelling! I may never leave!!

KMNash:How active are you with OWLS and NEWTS and other Advanced Studies options?
AmyPC: In 11 terms I have completed 8 OWLs, 1 NEWT, and 1 Order Mission. I have failed 2 OWLs, and several missions. I am currently working on my 2nd NEWT.

KMNash: Do you have an OWL or NEWT that was especially hard for you to complete?
AmyPC: My most challenging completed OWL to date was my Arithmancy OWL, I completed 4 pair of socks. I was fairly new to sock knitting at the time, and it was a real stretch for me to complete it

KMNash: When you tell others about the Cup what are some of your funnest memories to talk about?
AmyPC: I am embarrassed to say that I don’t often tell people about the cup. I often speak fondly of my “online knitting group” and all the friends I’ve made from around the world. But I usually keep the bit about imaginary points and Hogwarts classes to myself - some things are just too hard to explain to muggles!

KMNash:Of all your turn ins to the cup, this term and past, what are some of the ones you are most proud of and what were they turned in for? (providing links to project page or picture would be wonderful)
Be careful what you wish for! A walk down memory lane through my turn ins and projects and I couldn’t decide on just a couple! :D In my early terms I crafted to the prompts (now I craft what I want and make them fit the prompts). Here’s my very first class turn in from May 2010. It was DADA
I also loved the Headmistress Challenge that term. We made bookmarks. I made these double knit ones:
This was a particularly fun turn in. I disguised myself as needlesnswiffers!
This was my contribution to the Great Pumpkin Escape of October 2010.
I still love these mitts from my Ancient Runes OWL back in Winter 2011:
 This little pig was my first felted item, he’s so cute!
This HeadMistress Challenge turn in post is an A-Z rundown of my Winter 2012 term!
My first completed NEWT - 2 very favorite blankets!
Tie Dyeing yarn was fun! Fitting it into classes was… interesting!
My Herbology OWL was a favorite - I’m actually wearing the wrap as I type this!
And I wear last terms OWL almost daily! It’s like wrapping up in a warm blanket - perfect for how cold it’s been!

KMNash:Do you have any pointers or comments you would like to say to everyone about anything?
AmyPC:Keep an eye on the deadlines and at least get that one class per month in! Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
[End of Interview]

Wow, taking a look at your past projects is amazing, and that first turn in ever for our illustrious Head of House is a real piece of history. Thank you so much for your time, and for all you do as our Head of House.

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