Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Roving Reporter, Mitten Mitten Whose got the Mitten.

Hey there folks, Roving Reporter here traveling around the castle looking for mittens. Last week we took a peek at some awesome, amazing, socks and just to be fun I decided to do something that is both "wintery" and comes in pairs like socks today. Mittens.

So how many mittens can we find around the castle.. Mittens Mittens whose got the Mittens. Well lets pop around and see.

There are mittens in Detention
by maggievanderstok (Gryffindor)

by Jillian79 (Ravenclaw)

by AuntTallulah (Slytherin)

and by Rockinsticks (Slytherin)

There are mittens in Astronomy
by tricotjio (Hufflepuff)

and by Puffygriffinclaw (Gryffindor)

There are mittens in Ancient Runes
by dixiehellcat (Ravenclaw)

There are mittens in Arithmancy
by theeverendeavor (NQFY)

There are even mittens on the Quidditch Pitch
by: Chococupcakegirl (Hufflepuff)

There are warm mittens all over the castle, such an amazing show of talent from everyone. Tune in next Wednesdays when we go roving reporting again. What we shall we be looking for you ask, you will just have to come back and see.

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