Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Prides 8-15 January

It was a great week in the Prides, with lots of good projects being turned in. 

The Pepper Imps reported great progress on WIPS.  Someone turned in their first class EVER.  There was a Yarn Eating OWL flash and an impromptu spirit lifting performance.

The Fizzing Whizbees found love for a class, spent some very productive time in detention, tried to dress Quirrell, and designed some lovely cables for Quidditch.

The Sugar Quills were bit by the African Flower bug, and found Harry, Ron and Hermione taking Seattle by storm and enjoyed some board games.  They also really really like hats.

The Canary Creams have a lot of Pride pride and like Harry Potter a lot.  They got a late introduction to a lovely Gryff and expressed some OWL love.

The Animal Crackers have OWL hats galore, learned about Reddit, ran a half marathon and made a chocolate chip cookie that looks very tasty. 

The Exploding Bonbons agreed to take on the knitting police, spin beautifully, took time for a massage and just might be hobbit crazed.

 The Acid Pops figured out the correct priorities in life, investigated cheesecake turnovers for science, came up with a great plan to destash, and revealed the secret to having turned in 6 classes already.

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