Thursday, January 23, 2014

Blog Interview with Geekima, NQFY

Hi there everyone, what better way to get to know each other then to ask a few questions.See how the Cup feels to those who are just finding it, or maybe get to know old our friends around the castle better.

And following that line today we are going to sit down with something to drink and a snack in NQFY Lounge and have a chat with Geekima.

KMNash: How did you find the Cup?
Geekima: A friend casually mentioned it. I un-casually got hooked! :)

KMNash:How are you enjoying your time in the NQFY Lounge?
Geekima:I’m actually glad that I jumped in when I did, which was after sorting for the term was already completed, but right before the start of term. I feel like time in the NQFY takes a lot of the pressure off and is a fun way to learn all the acronyms and ins and outs of the cup without worrying about anything. Plus, it’s great to have time to get to know the houses! Our NQFY mods and mentors do a great job of helping everyone feel welcome and answering questions, no matter how repetitive or goofy.

KMNash: What would you say is the greatest change to your crafting since joining the cup, have you tried some new thing that maybe you had not heard of? Or maybe taking on something bigger then you usually do for an OWL or Order Mission?
Geekima:I usually do longer projects, so one change has been doing some smaller projects for classes. I’ve always had this kind of block that everything I knit should be utilitarian and not just decorative and it’s been fun feeling like I had “permission” to do fun, smaller projects I might not otherwise make time for because they were for a class.
I also chose to do a BROOM this term and I feel like it was the encouragement I needed to pick out a project that will be a challenge and learn some new techniques. I’ve also discovered a new interest in spinning and dyeing from seeing all the projects submitted for classes in those.

KMNash:Have you ever traveled to the other houses common rooms, if so what houses have you visited, if not have you ever thought about it?
Geekima:I have just started this process and I admit, it’s a little daunting at first since most of the common rooms have hundreds of messages just after the first day! I’ve gotten lots of warm welcomes, though, and I’m starting to get a feel for the different personalities.

KMNash:How active are you with OWLS and NEWTS and other Advanced Studies options? Do you think they will help motivate you to finish things you might not have done?
Geekima:My BROOM proposal was accepted, so I’m excited to start on that on the 18th. I admit that I find the OWLs a bit scary right now. I’m thinking I might wait a couple of terms before attempting one, but I think the BROOMS are probably a great way to work up to that. I do like the idea of trying something I might not otherwise and taking on a challenge. Besides, isn’t the worst that can happen that you don’t finish?

KMNash: Do you have an OWL or NEWT option that you think will be especially hard for you to complete?
Geekima: I’m not as familiar with all the options, but I do know there are some that I’ve never even done. I haven’t done beading or colorwork and I’ve only done some basic lace, so all of those would be new and a challenge. I’m hoping to work in some smaller projects that use some of the things I haven’t done before for classes before I look at those OWL options.

KMNash: Have you told anyone about the Cup? If so what are some of the things you love to tell people about to maybe make them want to come play?
Geekima: My kids want to learn how to knit specifically so that they could one day do the cup. LOL! Other than that, I’m just starting to meet crafters up here in my new home state of Alaska. The past year, I’ve been too busy with projects and playing in the mountains.

KMNash: Of all your turn ins to the cup, this term and any past, what are some of the ones you are most proud of and what were they turned in for? (providing links to project page or picture would be wonderful)
Geekima: This is my first term, so I don’t have as many as I might, but I have a few I’m rather chuffed about. :)
A Dice Bag for DADA.MuggleStuddies

KMNash: Have you won any special badges that you are really proud of playing the Cup, and if so what did you earn them for?
Geekima: I’m pretty proud of my class badges and surprised at how quickly I got 5 classes! I’m sure it will be more challenging balancing a BROOM project with classes next month.

KMNash: Do you have any pointers or comments you would like to say to everyone about anything?
Geekima: Only that anyone considering jumping in and playing should. It’s really not hard to keep up with the one class a month requirement and you can figure out all the jargon and such as you go. Don’t all the acronyms and rules and dates intimidate you. As long as you can do at least one small project a month for a class, jump right in!
[End of Interview]

Thank you so much for your time, and your great advice on just jumping in and playing. It is wonderful to get to know you and I am very glad you found the Cup and are getting to open up your creativity in new ways. Oh and don't feel to worried about losing track in the common rooms, heck I am not sure any of us can stay completely caught up lol. 

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