Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Gryffindor Baby Blankets

Gryffindor has a tradition of doing baby blankets for Gryffies with new babies, and this year we have plenty of opportunity to practice that, with 6 of our fellow students expecting new additions within the next few months.   With all these blankets needed, this is a perfect time to join in and help out and it's really easy:  The square can be knit or crocheted in any color or pattern.  The only real restrictions are that they be 12", worsted weight, and machine washable.    If you want to be able to spread the squares among classes, you can also do 4 6-inch squares and join them together.  Also, remember that these squares count as charity crafting.  If we get more than is needed for the Gryffindor babies, blankets will be donated to children's hospitals.   For more details and contact information, check out the full forum.  One square apiece would get us plenty for our own babies and others!

Just to give an idea of the diversity of squares that can be used, here are some blankets that have been donated in the past:

For some closeup photos of the lovely blanket above, see the forum posting here.

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