Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Prides 16-22 January

Another big week in the prides, led off by the Exploding Bonbons who were the first pride to reach 100% participation for January classes.

It was not surprising of course that the Bonbons did so well with this chant powering them on, although the real incentive was apparently the opportunity to get to vote on Knitinferno's hair color.   They came up with a new word to describe their members and asserted that they are not hobbit obsessed, just appreciative of the finer things in life.

The Canary Creams got some nice encouragement from the Doctor, and a good push to contribute to the Gryffindor Baby blankets.  They were relieved to realize that all their spinning counts against Yardage missions, they set up a pattern swap within the pride and they set up a google chat while working on the Quidditch speed challenge.

The Acid Pops had a roll call to see where folks were with 11 days left to go, and several of them noted that they pretend to do housework.   Plans were made to put Quirrell in a corset.  One member learned about the dangers of drinking and going to a silent auction

The Sugar Quills saw Flat Harry visit Canal Fulton, Ohio, and Dejapup did a great story on the importance of not waiting until the last minute to post your mandatory 1 class.  Some lovely Quills offered a prize to anyone posting for speed  entries, as well as one for turning in a class in January.  They also posted a nice guide to the correct format for posting in classes.

The Animal Crackers came up with a great Badge for anyone who does the Speed match in the first 3 days, and have other prize drawings for classes.  One came up with a decluttering plan, and some really nice projects were turned in for classes.

The Pepper Imps got some quick Quidditch scores.  They were excited about their pride swap, felt like Brad Pitt, and spun some gorgeous singles

The Fizzing Whizbees got some good ideas for class turn-ins,  came up with a skirt for Quirrell (and some eye-candy to go with it) as well as a lovely detention shawl.  They also organized a Flat Harry swap.

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