Sunday, January 12, 2014

Unofficial Stats: Week Two

Today, we're going to focus on classes! It's been 12 days and Gryffindor has had 105 turn-ins. That means at least 1,575 points, not including bonus points. That's pretty darn good for such a short amount of time. 4 amazing Gryffindors have turned in at least 6 classes, earning 90 base points each.

The most popular classroom is Astronomy (34 submissions), followed closely by Care of Magical Creatures (33 submissions). Many people have taken advantage of Astronomy's quick prompt to make a baby hat in an hour or two. Consider dropping by Gryffindor's Broom Cupboard for quick project suggestions.

I like to think Gryffindor's affinity for CoMC is due to loyalty to Hagrid, but it might also be the because the prompt allows for projects which are blue, yellow, and/or green. As long as you have one of the 3 colors, it's pretty easy to fit whatever you want to make into this class.

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  1. I think I already have a couple things finished that I can turn in to each of these classes! ~AmyPC