Friday, January 10, 2014

Featured Classroom -- Flying January 2014

This week has been just Flying by, so fast I have lost days in fact (This post is late) so I thought what better classroom to feature then Flying.

The prompts for Flying class are all about pockets, and keeping things safe in pockets while you fly. There are some awesome turn ins for the prompts and I had a ton of trouble just picking a couple from each house so remember this is just the tip of the iceberg, drop into Flying class to see even more awesome pictures and maybe get some inspiration for your own turn in.

Flying has had turn ins from all over the castle, every house including the NQFY lounge is represented.and the ideas are just amazing.

AuntTallulah (Slytherin) turned in this awesome hat

Geekima (NQFY) turned in this awesome cowl

KnitInferno (Gryffindor) turned in this great square

Cowgirlknits (Hufflepuff) turned in this cute hexipuff

Flachk (NQFY) turned in this useful little lip balm cozy

gojenn (Ravenclaw) turned in this pretty weaved bag

KatnissWytch (Gryffindor) turned in this cute pocket size owl toy

theresmiling (Hufflepuff) turned in this hidden pocket hexipuff

mamamousie (Ravenclaw) turned in this pocket to keep your tea safe in

BlindSquirrel (Slytherin) turned in this monster, who is a secret keeper

Wow, the ideas are just coming from all over and they are awesome. Every house has shown how they do pockets.. or things to fit in pockets.. or things with hidden pockets. These are some awesome ideas, from the big to the small from the extravagant to the understated one thing is for sure, we are all FLYING.

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  1. I love the projects that you featured. I especially like that you are showing all the houses and the NQFY's, too. Great Post!