Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wow, what a first day.

All the hustle and bustle around the castle as the new term begins is so exciting but the coolest part is getting a chance to look at all the awesome turn ins around the castle. Since everyone is busy settling in we have a list here with a few photos to show off all the pretties you might have missed today.

Since Detention is usually the first place turn ins land we are going to take a look at a few WIP that got finished up and turned in today. There is awesomeness in all the corners of the castle and it was so hard to try to pick which ones to show, so please feel free to drop by the thread and take a look at all the turns in, this is just the tip of the iceberg,

Gryffindor as we are known for hit Detention hard today, our tradition stands strong with turn ins like

LumosKP: Finished her 2013 Year in Temperature Scarf

simonkat: Attached and finished her hippo which is more cute then I always heard hippos are supposed to be
But Gryffindor was not alone in Detention. Take a look at these Ravenclaw turn ins

Rambunctiousky: Finishing the toes on these must have been a treat, love the pattern and color work.

TNTknits: Might be some Lion in this Raven, looks at these Gryffindor socks. I don't know about you, but I want a pair.

Slytherin didn't pass up on the chance for some fast first day points either

racheldawn: This blanket might be a year past the planned finish date, but it nailed awesome perfectly.

Littlebull: Stripes are just so fun, and these mittens look warm and cozy, just right to start off winter.

Hufflepuff hit the ground running as well, showing off their skills.

awcole: wove in the ends and blocked this 8 foot long scarf, so pretty

Lepida: Finished a beautiful sweater, weaving in the ends and getting it ready for her daughters birthday.

NQFYs and SoS Students are popping in too, so we cant forget the talent coming in from our new players and our old friends taking the term off.

MightGoodYarn: What an awesome Yoda bottle cover, cute this is.

We are closing in on the end of the first day of term, OWLs have been proposed classes have been cast on and are being worked on and as you can see there is no shortage in Detention Attendance. I cant wait to see the turn ins for classes.

Right now it is way to soon to call, it is still anyone's game, so after you finish looking at all the pretties remember to grab that hook or needle or loom and create, create, then take pictures and turn in, turn in. If you are having trouble remember we have the Knight Bus thread to help you remember what each class requirements are and give you ideas. 


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