Thursday, January 9, 2014

Week One in the Prides

We're a week (and a day - I'm late) into the term and the Prides have been super busy!  Here's an update on the activity so far:

Pepper Imps:  The Imps got off to a busy start with their efforts for WIP the First.  One shared their Grand Plan for the year, the group welcomed a new Firstie, made an unlikely minion, and showed their enthusiasm for doing all the things

Animal Crackers:  The Animal Crackers jumped right in with a Plan to Overachieve.  One member got a little chilly, others are still in the Christmas Spirit, while one lucky person showed off their new Craft room.  One member shared some funny Spam, while another conquered the cold weather by making some lovely mitts.

Fizzing Whizbees:  The Fizzing Whizbees introduced themselves, showed that they never lack for enthusiasm, and are on a mission.  They're going a little crazy on socks and got a good push to join in on a mission.

Sugar Quills -The Sugar Quills greeted firsties, showed that they're a little obsessed with hats (and it's a good thing), demonstrated their love for Firefly and held a dance party.  They started a January Quidditch challenge (with a prize) for everyone in the pride who plays this month and got an excellent tutorial also on correctly tagging for the games. 

Acid Pops:  The Pops started off the term with enthusiasm, new projects, and a good reminder about the importance of turning in the monthly class. One turned in a delightful post and many struggled with the appalling weather.  One is not only into doing all the things for the cup, but even beyond that.  The group also got a good explanation of all the possibilities for Cup points .

Exploding Bonbons:  The Bonbons are a very chatty pride and rather into explosions, the Hobbit, getting rowdy and into mischief.  One introduced her cute familiar and some good advice was given on getting bonus points.  A lovely blanket was turned in for detention, while some of the Pride dealt with really cold weather.

Canary Creams:  The Canary Creams introduced their dragons, themselves, and their cute pups.  They donated prizes as crafting incentives and added another pup.  They're buckling down against the cold and snow and shared insights into cats and knooking.  One even took advantage of a day in the Shrieking shack to get her term knitting started and another has taken on an exciting challenge to knit mitts and they've come up with interesting ways to knit a canary and include it in classes or detention.

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