Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Roving Reporter, Traveling Socks

Today we are going to do some Roving Reporting, just taking a look all over the castle, different classrooms, different houses and all just seeing what there is to see.

Since this is our first Roving post I thought what better to pick as a topic then a very important thing to any roving experience, socks. Socks are very important for roving feet, they keep you warm and cozy and help you keep going to get the story sooo

Here is a look at socks, from all over the castle.

We have socks in Detention

TheDoctorsPlusOne (Hufflepuff)
Nicolana111 (Slytherin)
snarkypirate (Slytherin)

We have socks in Arithmancy
AuroraSelene (Gryffindor)

SineMairi (Ravenclaw)

We have socks in Divination
DonaQuixote (Ravenclaw)

We have socks in Care of Magical Creatures
LumosKP (Gryffindor)

We have socks in DADA/Muggle Studies
baxgirl (Hufflepuff)

These are just a few of the socktastic socks. Can you imagine the stories and traveling your happy feet could do in these awesome socks. And this post is just sock tour stage one, there are so many socks OWLs and BROOMs I cant imagine not doing a stage two at the end of term to show off even more of the awesomeness.

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