Sunday, January 26, 2014

Common Room 20-26 January

As January rapidly winds down, the Common Room continues to be busy.   Sunday was a busy day, with the start of the Quidditch speed match and 65 Gryffindors turned in something for maximum points that day.  The Exploding Bonbons became the first pride to reach 100% participation for January. There was a good dose of eye candy.   A cute Gryffindor lion was posted as well as an incredible wedding dress. After a discussion of baby names and weddings, there was also a fun link to a tool giving name statistics.  We learned some interesting British wedding traditions but that at the end of the day,  they're very similar on both sides of the Atlantic.

There was a new convert to sock knitting, a great formula for knitting generic socks, some recommendations on sock yarn, and a demonstration of the restraint required to not yell out another favorite yarn.  There was also discussion on how to maximize points for doing socks. There was also a good explanation of why sock yarn doesn't count as stash.

Some members have already started looking at the next Quidditch round, giving good ideas herehere, here and here.   There were also some lovely suggestions for one-skein shawls here and here, as well as a generic recipe here.

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