Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Common Room update, 13-19 January

It was a relatively quiet week in the common room, as people worked on getting their classes in and prepared for the Quidditch "Speed" round.  There were suggestions for a nice family vacation spot and ideas for being able to play your movies throughout your house and on all devices.  There was a visit by an NQFY.  Links were provided for the forms to donate prizes, either to the house or the Cup and another prize was added to the Advanced Studies pool.  There was also a link for a group looking for hand-knit microbes to teach children about handwashing.   House members made secret plans for derailing the 'Puffs in Quidditch, but it didn't seem to work too well.  There was concern that the 'Puffs had struck first, but a brave second-year proved it wrong.   Kims announced that she is looking for volunteers for a secret event in February.  Teknosugar showed us some of her fabulous cakes and several people answered a question on baby diaper advice.

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