Sunday, January 12, 2014

Common room January 6-12

Well, it was a relatively quiet week in the common room, only 25 pages, although we did proudly reach page 100 on the forum!  Some of the highlights:

In some of the knitting/Cup-related threads, we got a fun visual representation of magic loop knitting,  a reminder on the BROOM submission dates, an update on how we are doing, and a link for a Google docs spreadsheet to keep track of points, for anyone that wants it.  There were discussions on U.S. size ranges vs European ones.  Links were put up for a January Spin & Dye along and for the January badges.  There was also a link to the Cup Test knit group, for anyone who is designing something new and wants to keep the testing in a friendly forum.  We also got a photo of a lovely outfit being made by one of our super-fast knitters and an interesting discussion on the usefulness of cocoons vs sleep sacks for babies.

In other threads, the Universe decided to send a message about chocolate.  Warnings were posted to not drink the water unless you want to add to the Gryffindor baby boom.  Some of our folks had some really cold temperatures, making them grateful for knits, and there was some good advice on how to deal with temperatures that cold.  Even Florida was hit!  Penguins were considered a good way to cope.

In addition to all these, it was well established throughout the week that we have multiple Hobbit (or at least Richard Armitage) fans in the group, keeping the PG Lion busy.  However, Story time with hotties was totally child appropriate.  And these two were just volunteering to tend the bar.

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  1. LOVE IT!!! Thank you for pulling together a delightful recap. ~AmyPC