Friday, January 17, 2014

Featured Classroom, Astronomy Janurary 2012

Here we are at Friday again, and Friday means it is time for Featured Classroom. This is where we drop by one classroom and take a look at the turn ins from all over the castle. A fun chance to look at some pretties and maybe get ideas on things to meet the prompts.

Today's Featured Class is, Astronomy. This month in Astronomy we are studying Jupiter and the options for turn ins are all about crafting Jupiter. Showing off the red color, crafting something fast like Jupiter spins or something related to Jupiter's possible core

Seems a lot of people felt the muse for hats in Astronomy.

We have pink hats like this one from
 Icanmakethat (Gryffindor) :

Blue hats, like this one turned in by
christinawest (Gryffindor)

We have Red hats to match the color of Jupiter, like this one turned in by
LoveKnotDesign (NQFY)

We have hats with faces Like this one by
TheWindWraith (Gryffindor)

And this one by knitnetic (Ravenclaw)

However it is not just hats. We also have some amazing yarns, made to show off different parts of Jupiter. Like this one spun to remind you of the core of Jupiter
by StarKnits (Slytherin)

Or this one showing off the amazing red color
by nicolana111 (Slytherin)

Talking about red color, take a look at this yarn too
by HOLLYGOOD (Hufflepuff)

Yarn wasn't the only thing turned in to show off the color though, cant deny this hexipuff shows off the red amazingly
by sunshine9087 (Hufflepuff)

These socks are sporting some pretty awesome red too,
by Irononmaiden (SoS)

The ideas are just amazing, these cables are not only oval like the possible core of Jupiter, but it was also a rapid project.
by QueSarah (NQFY)

And showing off the amazing talent of crocheting metal in a project that fits with the rapid rotation of Jupiter and giving off an awesome look of rotating planets we have this necklace
by SadieLou (Ravenclaw)

It is just amazing the talent over flowing all over the castle, and Astronomy is just one class you will find it in. Choosing projects is never easy, and it gets harder as more turn ins show up. These are just a few that I thought you might enjoy. Stop by the class thread to see even more, maybe get some inspiration for your own turn in. Next week we will drop by another class and look around, never know where we might be stay tuned.

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