Sunday, June 22, 2014

Common Room Recap

Hello and welcome to another common room recap! This week there were 19 pages of Gryffindors (and friends!) chatting.

Jensta79 shared these beautiful views from outside her tent over the weekend. A few days later, she started joining her latest NEWT blanket, and finished it too.

Then, there was some clarification over what a Bowtruckles OWL entails.

Mio kicked off a blanket joining day, with a few updates.

It was pointed out that next term is only a few weeks away, words which brought surprise and the need for planning.

Don't worry everyone, Trevor has been found. Again. You'd think Neville graduating would have meant Trevor was lost less often on Hogwarts, but it appears not. At least he's a cute toad!

KMNash unfortunately lost her favorite yarn needle.

There's a handy post linked here that talks about what parts of a weaving project count for yardage.

Twinimama shared this adorable dragon amigurumi she made.

There was an informative discussion on how younger people playing for the Cup and how much help and guidance it would be good to give them.

Several people shared their inspiration for their screen names on Ravelry. (In case you were wondering my name, WatrPriestess, is a Sailor Moon reference because my favorite character was Sailor Mercury, who controlled water.)

Classicsjen has a handsome new family member! Congratulations!

PurpleSnowdrop added to her stash, though with the plans already in store for it I don't think it'll be there long.

Roseinstitches shared a blanket she finished test knitting for mio and plans to turn in to Flying class.

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