Thursday, July 17, 2014

Head Girls Interview Series Part 4- Slytherin

Hi, and welcome to the last in our series of Head Girl interviews. Every Thursday for the last three weeks we we have sat down with one of the Head Girls in the Cup. One of the most wonderful things about the Cup is that we get to have fun and get to know others that are as crazy about crafting and Harry Potter as we are. We hope that these interviews provide you with a way to get to know other players and hopefully enhance the connections and friendships we all share.

This week we are sitting down with Slytherin Head Girl, peanutzmom. So grab a cup of tea and your latest project and get cozy while we talk to her about how she found the Cup, what she jobs she has held, what it feels like to be second in command, her favorite past projects and more.

KMNash: How did you find the Cup?

peanutzmom: I had only been on Ravelry a few months when I joined the Odd Ducks Swap group. During a Magical Creature Swap, I noticed one of the swappers had a Slytherin Ravatar. I’ve always been a huge HP fan, so I post stalked her and discovered the House Cup!

KMNash: How long have you been playing the Cup?

peanutzmom: Forvere! No, really, I had to go look it up and saw that I discovered it in July 2009, and the Fall 2009 Term was my first one as a Sorted player. I think that makes this my 15th Term?

KMNash: What year were you when you joined staff, what jobs have you held?

peanutzmom: I had been playing about a year when I joined the staff. My Mama Snake left during the Event That Shall Not Be Named, and I volunteered to fill in. Since then, I’ve been a Mama Snake, Prefect, and Head Girl on Slytherin Staff, and I’ve been an OWL Assistant and a Professor for several different classes on House Cup Staff.

KMNash: What is a Head Girl, what are some of your jobs and things that are expected of you?

peanutzmom: I feel that Head Girl is the HOH’s support person. I keep an eye on the Common Room and certain Threads, head up the Sunshine Committee, and pretty much do whatever else suenosdejmi asks me to do!

KMNash: What are some of the unexpected trials and joys of your current position? (things that are harder to deal with then you thought, and things that are even more fun then you thought)

peanutzmom: Hmmm, I think the hardest thing is having to mediate when people inadvertently or accidentally hurt each other’s feelings. I like all of my Snakes to get along, and it makes me sad when they don’t! Interacting with all of the new Snakelets each Term is super-fun, and I always look forward to it!

KMNash: You are kinda next in line for the “throne” as it were, do you think that you would take on Head of House if asked or do you think you would prefer to stay Second in Command?

peanutzmom: If it became necessary, I would gladly step up to the HOH position.

KMNash: What would you say is the greatest change to your crafting since joining the cup, what have you improved on the most, be it style or a specific craft or time management etc?

peanutzmom: I try bigger and more challenging things, thanks to the House Cup! I doubt I would have ever attempted lace, beads, short rows, Magic Loop, socks, and about a dozen other things if it weren’t for the support I’ve found in the House Cup!

KMNash: How active are you with OWLS and NEWTS and other Advanced Studies options?

peanutzmom: I love OWLs and Missions, but NEWTS still scare me…..

KMNash: Do you have an OWL or NEWT that was especially hard for you to complete?

peanutzmom: Hahaha! I’ve had a lot of incomplete OWLs! My biggest challenge (which, unfortunately, is still a WIP) was my As You Wish blanket. It was only my second or third attempt reading lace charts, I snapped my wooden circulars THREE times, dropping random stitches each time, and there weren’t any completed FOs on Ravelry for me to look at when I got stuck on something. Hopefully, I’ll be more successful when I pick it back up for a Detention OWL the next time that option rolls around…

KMNash: Of all your turn ins to the cup, this term and past, what are some of the ones you are most proud of and what were they turned in for? (providing links to project page or picture would be wonderful)

peanutzmom: Hmmm, I think that would be my Charms OWL! It was my first attempt using laceweight yarn, only my second or third attempt at lace stitches, and my first attempt reading a chart. On top of that, I hand dyed the whole thing when I finished. It’s still my favorite shawl!

KMNash: When you tell others about the cup what are some of your funnest memories to talk about?

peanutzmom: Oh, we Slytherins can be wacky! I love our spontaneous -alongs (the fun fur thong-along was classic), and we have a tendency to egg each other on to do crazy things!

KMNash: Do you have any pointers or comments you would like to say to everyone about anything?

peanutzmom: Just enjoy, relax, and have fun! You can be as laid-back or as crazy as you choose to be. Remember, in the bigger scheme of things, this is just a game for Imaginary Points!

And that ends our series on the Head Girls. I hope that you all enjoyed getting to know them better. Remember if you need help getting an idea for a class or working something you made into a class the Knight Bus is ready to help. Also if you are one of the Proud 65, remember you have till the 27th to get out on the Quidditch pitch and score for Gryffindor.

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