Monday, October 6, 2014

Sock Study Hall Snapshot

There were many wonderful socks turned in by Gryffindor students for September and shared in the Sock Study Hall thread. If you're inspired by any of these, keep in mind that they're honoring Professor Flitwick this month and have a super neat badge (aren't all badges, really?) for finishing a pair of socks in October.

AmyPC made this colorful pair:

Auroraselene created this pair of very lovely cabled socks:

Curiouskate knit these cheery yellow variegated socks:

Denbren made these pretty, intricate lace socks:

Jogswithneedles used some great pastel stripey yarn to make these interesting socks:

kadinh13 knit some spooky zombie inspired socks:

Sdhsmc86 created these lovely lacy socks:

Spike knit some sliiiiiiightly nonmatching Dobby socks from some leftover yarn.

If you love, need, or even fear making socks, the Sock Study Hall thread is the place for you. It offers advice, pattern suggestions, knowledgeable sock knitters, and a place to share and look at others finished socks!


  1. Such beautiful socks! I really need to get working on my mission socks...

  2. The blog ate my comment...

    Thanks for including my socks! I am about halfway through with the second pair - doing 4 pairs for my Herbology OWL this term. :)

  3. So many fantastic sock projects!