Monday, May 2, 2011

We'll Rule the Pitch!

Good morning, Gryffindors!  FlyKytten, 2nd Year, back as your Quidditch Reporter!  Hopefully I'll do a better job this time!  ;)

First off, let me introduce you to our Quidditch Team.  HermioneWeasley is our Team Captain.  She's a fellow 2nd Year, and your Ancient Runes Professor from House Gryffindor!  Go, girl!  Our Keeper is returning Gryff Covington.  Hurrah!  For our Beaters, we have Ickle Firstie RiverCameron (Yay!) and MindySue (an OWL Examiner!).  Finally, we have my dear friend Aikaterini as Seeker, and YOU'RE ALL CHASERS!

Let's rock 'n roll, Lions!

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