Wednesday, May 18, 2011

CRR pages 147-170

Clmnj told us about a wonderful yarn store near Staten Island, NY.  Hogwarts wedding cake?  Yes please.  Cake, presents, and kids.... where can we go wrong?  Nesterknitter shares some adorable pictures of her snitch in action!  NK made me very hungry by showing pictures of cupcakes and cute kids.  Speaking of cupcakes and cakes...Thanks Stitchy for the frosting recipe!  TKJ lets us know about a new Ravelry groupBaby Pictures!!  Beautiful sweater.  Our Quidditch Keeper, Covington, reported about the first Quaffle match Firebolt video....LOL  ( I love the last part)  Quidditch Report  Mirror of Erised Badge voting... which will we choose?  Second Quaffle Match has started!

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