Friday, May 20, 2011

DADA Ideas, Pt. 2~

More ideas for May's DADA assignment:

Option 2: Craft something you might take to the beach

Marketbags seem to be a perfect fit here. Another fast, small project could be a sunglasses case, or go daring and craft a bikini! Want to be really off the wall? How about making your own parasol or beach umbrella?

Option 3: Craft something that represents one of your past vacations

The options here really are endless, and really depend upon your personal experience. But here are a few ideas:

-Do you go to the cabin often? What about a log cabin blanket (for the ambitious), or dishcloth (for those of us who are a little more sane)? You could even split the difference and do a log cabin bag or baby blanket.

-Do you vacation in the mountains? What about a mountain beanie, or one of the other hundreds of patterns that have 'mountain' in the title? Ditto for pine trees. Or make a ski hat!

-Ever been to the Big Apple? Try New York State of Mind, or Empire State Gloves. You can memorialize trips to other states with a sports team logo, or perhaps use the instructions from here to make dishcloths with state shapes. Alternatively, craft something in the colors of a state or country flag.

-Of course, if you picked up some yarn in your travels (and actually haven't used it!) now is a good time to do so! You could also explore traditional stitch techniques native to the area you visited, i.e. Fair Isle, Italian Lace, Irish Lace or Native American designs. Here is a list of sources for patterns from all types of traditions. Some are websites, others are books that may be at your local library!

I hope something here has inspired you!

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