Sunday, May 1, 2011

CRR Pages 1-41

First of all welcome to this term's gryffindors! Welcome back to those of you who have been in Gryffindor before and Welcome to all the new gryffies! Please read the first 3 messages if you haven't already. Madeleine shared some wonderful pumpkin pasties and asked if there were ways to figure out what year she was and FF suggested a way. Coribug of Hufflepuff brought us some goodies. Lupingirl explained that the Common Room is now in Lion Pride but our table will serve the same function in HPKCHC that the Common Room did last term. Jaji adds some excitement that spills over to many students about the new term. YAY! Madeleine has a new house. CS announced this term's chat schedule. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! There's a new group for charity knitting. Hotties! The Roaring Lion Badge is back! More hotties. Reminder about the hotties. Ron dropped in for a visit. Some of the Sorting Hat's crazy British relations were spotted. OWL changes. Two new Gryffie Staffers! Excitemet over class postings and Quidditch permeated the table! Wildcard classes. Additions to the Library coming soon. Stuartsmom explains this term's Quidditch.

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