Wednesday, May 4, 2011

CRR Pages 75-102

Angie stopped in for a visit.  For all of you new to Gryffindor please meet Pomp!  Don't worry he's a sweetie!  CS is an official hooper (she's on a video!).  A new lion cub is about to make an appearance! Congratulations autumnleaf from all of us!!  A young Dr. Who fan tries to go for a ride in the Tardis. 
Lupingirl's bf is really sweet and told her she needs a shawl for a BIG day.  After that we got some really cute stories.  Naturallyknitty and CS, as the wonderful enablers they are, are enabling a sock along.  Congratulations Sparty for getting your braces off!  Adevinelife shares her baby bump and some really cute outfits.  Straayerliz makes a suggestion about the sock along.  For all of us that hated the over- analysis of some literature in school this might bring a laugh.  FlyKytten gives some links about respecting the spindle.  Household chores a problem?  Try Chorewars.  Thanks Sarah!  Derricksdoll's dog tries to make friends with the future baby.  We learn that lupingirl paints and draws (with samples), while TKJ's abilities lie in theater (and fiber crafts and juggling of course).

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