Sunday, May 15, 2011


A word before I start if I am missing an interpretation please leave a comment or message me and I'll be sure to add it into the post (this applies to ComC as well)

From the class prompts:

Option 1: Craft something irregular. Try your hand at freeform crochet or knitting. Spin art yarn. Dye a yarn inspired by the asteroid belt. Imitate organic forms — break away from clean lines and symmetry and let your imagination free.

Option 2: Make a belt.

Once again the dyeing and spinning options are addressed so off to knitting and crochet patterns.

Option 1: Craft something irregular
This could be asymetrical patterns or freeform. Or trying to make a very random pattern using a stitch dictionary and a dice. There is also a great tv/movie crafting game. Most of us watch something while crafting but what if your watching habits dictated what you made? I went online and googled "Harry Potter Drinking Game" and I grabbed a list of frequently occuring things and paired them with a stitch pattern or technique.
* The full name "Harry Potter" is spoken -switch needle sizes
* Hermione gets angry- switch to a drop stitch pattern
* Twins speak in unison- swich to a slip stitch pattern
* Hagrid cries - start any ribbing
* The word "brilliant" is uttered - do a wrap and turn short row in the next stitch
* Points are awarded to any house- do a series of increases
* Points are taken away from any house - do a series of decreases
This will no doubt end in something very irregular and unique. Bonus for this is you can set aside a specific amount of time and knit only while watching the show you picked. I'm watching Red Dwarf and it takes me about 3 hours per season. Over the rest of the month I may see 3 seasons so my object would be about 9 hours long.This idea is very flexable, the only limit sould be your imagination.

Option 2:Make a belt or waist adornment.

I asked in the class thread if it had to be a belt or a waist adornment. Belts are here but you could also make a corset (I knit this in a day, I still have to put the boning in but I knit it in a day) but also along skinny scarf would work like Dream Swatch Head Scarf or Silver Bullet & Blood Head Scarf.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the idea of a HP Knitting game!