Saturday, May 14, 2011

CoM Ideas

From the Care of Magical Creatures Class Prompts:
Option 1: make treasure
Option 2: make something to keep treasure safe
Option 3: make something that’s a combination.

Spinners this would be an excellent class to make some art yarn combining baubles along with your fiber, or adding feathers to the wool etc.
Dyers you can impress us by using 2 different types of dyes together for example make a self striping yarn with one of the colors being dyed with natural dyes and the other with acid dyes. You could also experiment the effect of different fibers in one yarn and how they take the dye.I must not tell lies-the prompts cover spinning and dyeing better than I can so I'll focus on knitting and crochet ideas.

Option 1: make a treasure both in the traditional sense but also think something you treasure is something that means a lot to someone.

Idea #1 Is there a pattern in your queue that would make a nice gift for someone? I made my friend a colourwork hat he lost it but then recovered it and refused to take it off for 5 days. He treasured it.
Idea #2 Jewellery is a more tradtional type of treasure check out the database of jewellery patterns on ravelry here. My favourites are Infamous Beaded Necklaces and Scalloped-Edged Beaded Necklace. (Please Note: Keep your eye out for necklace and ring patterns you like as you can do them for The Horcrux challenges later this term)
Idea #3 How about a bit of Bling? Beaded patterns found here. My favorite pattern I've done with beads was Annis Shawl and I replaced the nupps with beads. Also there are a bunch of new yarns with sparklies. I picked up a ballof Paton's Lace Sequins it had shinies!

Option 2: make something to keep treasure safe
Idea #1 A bag or box. Any kind kind could keep something safe. Or a cozy. I have a deep desire to make this kindle cozy. More traditionally I thought of making crochet ring boxes.
Idea #2 There are loads of classic stories about treasure. Thinking from Greek mythology there were griffins and dragons. One of the greatest treasures of the classic age was the Golden Fleece hidden away in the labyrinth (link to great dishcloth pattern).
Idea #3 A type of warmer or protector for someone you admire and love. My own project for this class is to make a sweater for my Mum to keep her warm.

Option 3: make something that’s a combination
Idea #1 A combination of knit and crochet. This is wide open. There are so many embelishments to be found on rav for knit and crochet. Knit yourself a little bag and decorate it with crochet flowers, or crochet a little amigurumi with a knitted costume.
Idea #2 Make a project with 2 different fibers. A shawl in a nice smooth merino to show off the lace and a fuzzy mohair blend edging.
Idea #3 A complex numerolgical project like these fibbonacci sequence themed patterns or these adorable mittens

Hope this helps!! Astronomy will be posted soon!!

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