Sunday, May 22, 2011

CRR pages 171-188

Penny has a good household tip for acrylic washcloths!  Coffee cozy anyone?  My mom would definitely love StarKnits' one.  I found the website LaLa posted for the International Dyslexia Association very interesting.  Online knitting magazine?  Yes please.  CS's baby sweater is super cute!
Poor FF, lace falling off needles (am I right?) is always cause for alarm.  Never fear though she got everything fixed... YAY!!!  Gryffindor Quidditch fingernails!!!!  Snowstorm in May?  Yep at least for FabGrandma.  Harry Potter Cookies!!  Pretty felltone cozy.  Penny shares her successes with feng shui.  Nerdwars recruitmentKnitting dragon!  Check out Sparty's beautiful Fleur Fascinator for HoM!  Another cute dragonZombie Harry Potter?  Harry Potter Cakes!  YUM!  Unofficial Quidditch ScoresJensta needs some prayers and Gryffie love!  JB has done some amazing work in classes this month (as has everyone) but she shared pictures! :-D  Another cute dragon!! (can you tell I have a soft spot for dragons?)

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